Hear what some of our customers and users say about our Exercise Stability Ball:


“This stability ball is exactly what I was searching for. Just as they have mentioned in the description – anti-burst and can handle a good amount of weight. It’s usually recommended when you are into Yoga or Pilates, but I can imagine a lot of potential use of this ball when you want to gain more strength and flexibility. I’ve seen some strict workout regimes that deliver far lower results than what you can get with this ball alone (and that comes from an experienced fitness coach I am currently working with). I’ve recommended this to my colleagues and they confirm good results with it. Get it if you don’t want to do a lot of workout for flexible muscles everyday.” *

Turgut – Amazon.com

“Well, this ball is sturdy enough for a huge guy like me. I’ve gained a lot of weight recently, so I am trying Pilates and Yoga these days. My trainer suggested me to buy one if I am practising at home, but I was not sure if it’s safe for me (I am kinda overweight). The product specification said it was made up of some burst-resistant material and the price wasn’t that high, so I went for it. It has been a week and I am feeling much better fitness in my abdominal region and thighs. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good exercise for the muscles and gaining higher flexibility.” *

Nick – Amazon.com

“I am not much into “training for flexibility” kind of workouts, but I got it for the Yoga course I am planning to join. I’ve tried this for a couple of days, and it seems as if I actually lacked some strength in my thigh muscles. I am looking forward to using it for a long-term until I feel I’ve developed the kind of strength I want in my lower body and abdominal area. It’s a great thing to use in your workouts, as it doesn’t require a lot of efforts once you’ve got the hang of it.” *

Rahul – Amazon.com

“I got this for my daughter who’s into Yoga these days. To be honest, I was a bit worried if this “ball” will actually help her with the exercises. What if she falls or slips off of it…But, so far it has been doing good for her daily practice sessions. It’s like a technique for strengthening thighs, legs and the back. The build quality is quite good, so no issues with that either. I’d say it’s worth it to get the stability ball if you are into exercising and strength building, or Yoga for that matter.” *



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