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Premium Yoga Mat with Strap - Eco-Friendly, Organic & Non-Slip

by AeroFit

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  • GAIN MORE FOCUS from a high quality mat providing the ultimate support
  • IMPROVE YOUR TECHNIQUE with perfectly balanced dual-layers
  • HELP THE ENVIRONMENT with a 100% eco-friendly and organic mat
  • MADE FROM Premium Non-Toxic TPE & Natural Rubber

Product Description

Experience total Yogic contentment with a Yoga mat designed to channel your energies

Elation, that enlightened feeling we get after a fulfilling Yoga session. Buzzing with new, pure, clean energy at the end of our Yoga practice allows us to really feel the essence of our being. Emanating from all over, this essence of our being is bliss, contentment and peace. These feelings wash over us and make us feel simple, happy and stress-free! A mental calm and wellness that will make us enjoy every waking moment. This is the aim of Yoga, to heal the body.

Do you achieve this with your sessions? Only a few truly experience this special feeling a wonderful practice should leave you with after time on your mat.

Successful Yoga should take us out of the now, remove our overwhelmed state, completely give in to our surroundings and focus our energies to balance the mind, body and soul. We need to achieve this inward focus and realign our energy systems to allow more Prana life-force to flow throughout our body, before any healing can occur.

The Dalai Lama says "Our purpose is to be happy" stay happy, it's an inside job!

Losing focus, inadequate technique, distractions, slippage, impact pain, hygiene, toxins, allergies and more, are all elements in the way of us experiencing successful Yoga, most of which come from our mat. There is no more significant connection for our Yoga than the Yoga Mat, it is a lot more than just a tool employed by the Yogi.

As we quiet the mind and bring awareness down through our body to the feet, we feel connected, grounded and stable, as with the trust we have in our mat. Our mat should complete our connection to the earth, where we are best aligned for enlightenment. It is an extension of our self, and the only other soul that accompanies our personal journey through simple Asanas to mindful meditation. Our mat is our soul mate and should offer 100% trust to be our companion.

Investing in a quality mat becomes your everything. You'll learn to live, love and respect your mat along with yourself. It should be thought of as an investment in your life more than an expense, so long as it provides you with all the right elements to be able to focus yourself.

With all this in mind, the instructors at AeroFit designed this Premium Yoga Mat to offer optimal support and performance for its users.

Benefits of the Aerofit Yoga Mat:

  • Gain More Focus, from the performance a quality mat provides you in weight, traction and touch
  • Improve Your Technique, with the perfectly balanced dual-layers, providing the ultimate support, balance and control
  • Advance Your Asana Posture, from an optimal feel underfoot and joint protection due to premium density cushioning
  • Know Your Helping the Environment, with an eco-friendly & organic mat
  • Look After Your Own Health, with allergy-friendly, non-toxic, chemical & 6P Free materials
  • Hold Poses and Rest Assured, with increased traction & slip-resistant surfaces, both top and bottom
  • Stay Hygienic, with 'closed-cell' surface technology designed to stop moisture & sweat seeping in breeding bacteria & fungi
  • Enjoy a Comfortable Practice, with a soft touch and without the stickiness many other mats have
  • Complete Peace of Mind, with the highest quality materials that won't peel, flake, fade or degrade
  • Elevate Your Mood & Spiritual Awareness, with the specially created Radiant Violet promoting harmony of the mind & emotion
  • Become the Envy of Your Class, with the latest release professional mat; unique, new and vibrant
  • Carry Your Mat With Ease, with the travel-friendly & convenient lightweight velcro strap
  • Save Money, on other accessories and replacements, your new AeroFit mat caters for all Yoga types and will be the last mat you will ever have to buy!

Features of the Aerofit Yoga Mat:

  • Sized At: 1830 x 610 x 5mm / 72 x 24 x 0.2" - Optimal Yoga Size & Thickness
  • Weighing: 1.5kg / 3.3lbs - Sturdy and Solid Underfoot
  • Made From: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) Topside + NR (Natural Rubber) Downside
  • For Use With: Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Plyometrics and General Exercise
  • Odor Free: Thanks to non-toxic manufacturing and its non-sweat absorption property
  • Free Of: PVC, latex, chlorides, phthalates (6P) and heavy metals; hyper-allergenic
  • Organic & Sustainable: no harsh chemicals used in production

Don't waste your practice time. Invest now and be assured to walk out of each class feeling elated from a successful session, you owe it to yourself.

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Amazon Customer Reviews

"Love This Mat!!!!"

By K. April Holgate - TOP 50 REVIEWER

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Verified Purchase
"I am just getting back into yoga and this mat is fabulous! I tend to have very sweaty feet and it gets slippery. The traction on this mat helps keep me in place with my poses.It also has a textured underside that keeps the mat in place on the floor. No slippy sliddy here. I love the color, cause purple is my favorite!

The mat has the additional feature of a carry strap. This strap is velcro and goes on easily. You do not have to worry about wrapping the mat tight enough to fit. Awesome!!!

I love this mat and how easy it makes my yoga experience. I might just be able to stick with it this time!"

Amazon Reviewer - K. April Holgate

"Great Quality! A+++"

By Anisha Lee

Amazon Reviewer - K. April Holgate

Verified Purchase
"I am a Pilates instructor and have to say this mat is quite nice for practicing both pilates and my new found yoga exercises. It is very thin on the ground so you can feel each position well and still has the comfort level there too. The top material has enough cushioning for support but still firm enough for a solid base.

It’s a great feature to have moisture protection as I have seen some student’s cheaper mats get soggy from all the sweat it locked in. The company reached out to me to make sure I was happy with the purchase and offered their full support which I thought was a nice touch."

"Very Happy With This Purchase"

By Nick

Verified Purchase
"This item arrived on time and very well received. I love the design on the packaging, would work very well on a department store shelf too! I’m impressed with the quality of this mat, it looks like a lot of work has gone into the research and development, as the company has alluded to in the sales description.

I didn’t have to clean any residue off the surface like a lot of other mats I’ve seen, just unrolled it and went to work. I did have to wash it after a few intense sweaty sessions and it was very easy to do so. This looks to last a very long time without wearing down.

Lovely color and feels great, very well worth the price….and I’ve had several compliments in my class too, yay."

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