FAQ – Exercise Stability Ball


FAQ’s – Exercise Stability Ball


Due to the higher quality and strength of our ball’s material, it may be more demanding to inflate than lower quality balls. Following are some suggested guidelines:

  • To ensure proper form, blow up over 2 days
  • Remove the white plug to be able to insert the pump
  • Inflate the ball to 80% of its stated size, replace the white plug to stop deflation
  • Leave for 24 hours before inflating to full size
  • You can measure the size by making a mark on a wall at a height of 55, 65 or 75 cm from the floor, and inflating until the ball is level with the mark
  • Do not over-inflate


How do I know when the ball is fully inflated?

Please refer to the 5 point guidelines outlined above.


What is the weight limit of the ball?

Our balls are safety tested up to 500kgs / 1100lbs.


Is a stability ball the same as an exercise ball?

At the same sizes, yes. This type of ball can be referred to as an Exercise Ball, Stability Ball, Fitness Ball, Swiss Ball, Yoga Ball, Balance Ball, Birthing Ball, Workout Ball and Gym Ball.


What is this ball made of?

AeroFit’s exercise stability ball is made from an eco-friendly PVC plastic. It is non-toxic and latex free, so it won’t smell or provoke allergies like other cheaper balls. Our materials are designed to make the ball expandable, resilient, soft to the skin and just bouncy enough to perform the way you want it to.


I have accidentally put a hole in my ball. Can it be repaired?

A punctured, torn or damaged ball should be replaced. The ball is designed to be used safely when manufactured, we do not recommend attempting to repair the ball.


Are there any risks involved performing certain workouts?

If you have any medical concerns for specific conditions, please consult your doctor, physical therapist or midwife.


Here are some common tips for use with this ball:

  • Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothes. Barefoot is ok if you can maintain traction, otherwise wear athletic shoes
  • Give yourself plenty of room. Pick a location where you have lots of space around you when exercising. Using the ball for the first time can be tricky 🙂
  • To help maintain your balance as you exercise, focus your eyes on a fixed point
  • Breath normally and naturally
  • Move in a controlled manner, this is optimal for your muscles


At AeroFit, we want to ensure you are getting the best value possible. We are committed to your satisfaction!