5 Tips For Choosing a High Quality Yoga Mat

5 Tips For Choosing a High Quality Yoga Mat!

AeroFit 5 Tips For High Quality Yoga Mat

AeroFit's Tips For New or Experienced Yogis

1. Choose high quality materials. Don't settle for cheaper, lightweight foam mats, they don’t provide the proper support and simply don't last. You need decent cushioning while maintaining a firm solid base to feel the surface through your poses. 5mm thickness is recommended for Yoga. TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a very high quality material and will not peel, flake or fade, giving you superior comfort, wear and longevity. Its high density cushioning also provides joint protection and versatility.

2. Go for a mat with good slip resistance. Mats are never 100% non-slip, but should be very good at keeping you in position. Rubber is the only non-slip material but often contains latex which is hyper-allergenic and also heavy. Go for a mat with dual-layers, making sure the underside is made from NR (Natural Rubber) tapped from a rubber tree, is a minimal thickness and facing down, making sure the mat stays non-slip, away from your skin and as lightweight as possible.

3. Hygiene is very important. A good yoga mat should wick away moisture from the surface. A ‘closed-cell’ surface stops moisture and sweat from seeping into the material making it slippery, breeding bacteria and trapping odors.

4. Allergy friendly. You don’t want your new mat to give you a nasty skin reaction every time you use it. Many modern mats are made from rubber and/or PVC which are neither ideal. Rubber often contains latex which is hyper-allergenic and PVC contains toxins and is not eco-friendly. TPE is allergy-friendly and free of PVC, latex, chlorides, phthalates and heavy metals.

5. And above all....a good quality mat will be eco-friendly! As a well-rounded yogi, our concern for the environment is also part of a balanced practice. A good mat will be made with decomposable materials, free of waste chemicals and ozone depleting substances, like Natural Rubber and TPE, which is also decomposable making it highly eco-friendly.

AeroFit’s managing director and yoga instructor Jaxen Davis says quality is everything when it comes to supporting your yoga practice. The new premium organic yoga mat by AeroFit is a leap ahead of the standard mats typically used.


“The whole idea of quality is everything, that new and experienced yogis shouldn’t limit their practice because of typical standards and affordability, is what I really believe in,” said Jaxen Davies, a long time yoga instructor who’s designed his own mat to lift the standards and awareness of modern yoga. This new mat has been released under the brand AeroFit Health & Fitness.

The mat is not just for professionals like himself. “AeroFit is the name of a revolution in Yoga”, he says. “Some Yoga companies are producing mats for the masses; I’m creating a premium product with style and personality. Every Yogi is unique and should express themselves through their practice”.

AeroFit Yoga Mat Eco

The mat is completely organic eco and allergy-friendly and comes with a lightweight and comfortable carrying strap, making it travel-friendly for the Yogi-On-The-Go. The color is named Radiant Violet and has been specifically created, as it relates to the imagination and spirituality, representing inspiration and individuality. It is currently reduced for a limited time from $79.90 to $59.90 and sold exclusively on Amazon.com, with free shipping available for prime members.

Looking at the photos and video, the mat doesn’t need to be sold on its quality. It’s obviously a premium Yoga mat made with only customer satisfaction and loyalty in mind. Jaxen Davies has spent a lifetime developing his Yoga practice and now can offer the same experience to his fellow Yogis. As Yogis develop, he says, being one with your mat to fully express your practice is the key.

“An easy mistake that practitioners can make is to limit their progression by not considering the other half of their Yoga person,” he said. “The mat is your soul mate and is part of every mind, body and spirit connection you have when achieving Yogic harmony. Your mat should progress with you. You’re not just a beginner anymore.”

After growing up in the Bay Area and discovering Yoga at an early age, Jaxen travelled the world and spent some time living in Rishikesh, India where he developed a true understanding of the deeper meaning of Yoga.

“I was a classic California flower child,” he says. “I got involved in the evolving Yoga movement at the time. People still ask me to this day: ‘Are you from San Francisco?’ “.

Davies began teaching Yoga to new students after his return home and quickly became very successful. The knowledge and experience he gained from India was invaluable, it being the birthplace of Yoga and still practiced by a large majority of the population.

AeroFit Premium Organic Yoga Mat

“Growing up with a modest income, I always used whichever mat I could find”, he remembers. He learnt the mindset of Yoga while struggling to fully understand the materials required, but let his limitations go after a few years when he was able to purchase a quality mat of his own. Since then he knew the missing element of his progression and that is to respect your mat with as much love and care as your poses and mindset.

About 2 years ago, he went into the Health & Fitness business himself. “I’d practiced Yoga for most of my life and realized I could share my full experience by providing a quality Yoga mat along with my teachings, to allow my students a complete Yoga journey,” he says. “I wanted to create a mat that would show Yogis the deeper understanding required to be one with your mat.” The end result, he says, is a confident Yogi who respects themselves and values their practice. Paying a slightly high price for a product gives you that level of pride, as you know that you’re worth it with every use.

“When somebody says to you, ‘Wow, did you reach enlightenment in Yoga today?’ That’s successful practice.”

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